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The Benefits of Using an Automated System for Events

Using our laptop and touchscreen automated system allows attendees to register quickly and efficiently. This reduces long lines and wait times, leading to a smoother check-in process.
Although this system benefits your attendees, it also, significantly, reduces the need for pre-event registration. Overall, an automated event accreditation/registration system offers significant advantages in terms of efficiency, accuracy, data management, and attendee experience compared to traditional manual methods.


Plays really well with other event management software, such as CRM Software, Email Marketing Platforms and Social Media channels to name a few. This streamlines the overall event organisation.


Whether it's a small seminar, or a large-scale conference. Automated systems can easily accomodate the volume of attendees without sacrificing efficiency.

Data Analytics

The system can analyse registration data, providing valuable insights into the attendee preferences, demographics and interests. This makes it much easiser to plan for future events and marketing strategies.

Real-time Data

Organisers can access real-time data and make informed decisions during the event.

Real-time Tracking

Monitor attendance levels and identify peak periods during the event, all in real time.

Fast Badge Printing

Print badges on the fly, reducing waste and the need for manually preparing badges in advance.

Payment Processing

Handle payments online and directly, making it convenient for you to manage finances, as well as convenient for attendees.

Attendee Engagement

Send automated confirmation emails, event updates and post-event surveys. Improving the attendee engagement and overall experience.

Environmental Impact

By reducing the need for paper-based processes, automated systems contribute to a more environmentally friendly event.