Pinstripe Group

Below are just some of the problems we solve

Automated systems allow attendees to register quickly and efficiently. This reduces long lines and wait times, leading to a smoother check-in process.

If the registration process is slow or inefficient, attendees may experience long queues and extended wait times, leading to frustration and a negative first impression of the event.

Pinstripe’s user-friendly and intuitive Touch Screen solution makes it easy for attendees to
navigate the registration process without the need for extensive instructions.

Manual data entry during onsite registration can lead to mistakes in attendee information. This causes issues with access control and attendee tracking.

Automated systems minimize these mistakes, ensuring accurate attendee information.

Inadequate staffing at registration desks can result in delays and difficulties in managing attendee inquiries or issues.

Onsite registration data helps organisers allocate resources effectively, including catering, seating, materials, and session planning, based on the number of attendees and their preferences.

If badge printing equipment is slow or encounters technical problems, it can cause bottlenecks and further contribute to longer queues.

Luckily, Pinstripe can solve both of these issues by providing high-availability printing at the registration screens, with the ability to simply add new attendees in without having to design a new badge.

Manually tracking attendance or generating accurate attendance reports can be labor-intensive and prone to errors.

Leverage our Data Analytics tracking to understand the attendees, find out interest categories and improve your overall brand reach, while also being able to plan for your next event using this data.

Ensuring the security and privacy of attendee data during onsite registration is crucial, and any breach could have severe consequences.

Our system will ensure that only attendees who are invited and have the correct identity will be granted access to your event. Yet another way to avoid human error and allocate your resources more effectively.

For some events, language barriers might arise if the touch screen or registration forms are not available in multiple languages.

Pinstripe offers solutions in multiple languages so that your attendees will feel localised and at ease, with how convenient the registration process is.

Incompatibility with existing event management tools or access control systems can hinder seamless event coordination.

Pinstripe offers integration into various CRMs, Email Providers and other event management platforms.