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RSVP Services

​From invite design to email and telesales, we are able to handle the whole RSVP Service in house.

On-Site Registration

​Using our innovative, slick 42" or 22" Touch Screens, your delegates will register on-site and recieve their Name Cards withing seconds. All artwork is completed and printed beforehand. Name Cards will be printed on-site using our fast laserjet printers. Our software will record changes made to the database, as well as report who has arrived and who has not. All information can be obtained on-site or after the event. This solution is designed for large groups (500 pax +)

Event Management

​From planning a festival, ceremony, conference, or convention.

The Pinstripe-Group Event planning team can handle everything from budgeting, establishing dates, selecting and reserving the best event site, acquiring relevant permits, developing a theme and campaign for the event, arranging speakers, as well as arranging d├ęcor, catering, event security, and all your Audio Visual requirements with the help of our team of professional suppliers.

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